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Plasma CNC cutting machine

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HONEYBEE (Little Bee) plasma CNC cutting machine adopts CNC technology, with high degree of automation, multi-function and high reliability.

The electromagnetic compatibility of CNC system and plasma system is good

Special control software that meets the requirements of thermal cutting process

(1) Graphic input mode is adopted, which is more intuitive than code input, and the operation is quick and convenient.

(2) Chinese interface, more suitable for China's national conditions.

(3) The input methods are diversified, and most of them have control commands.

(4) The use of automatic nesting programming software can increase the utilization rate of the sheet by about 10%.

The high-power plasma system has a 99.9% duty cycle and a complete numerical control interface, arc voltage interface, remote control interface, and provides a full set of interface accessories to achieve close integration with the CNC system.


Technical parameter

Project Parameter
Model GSD-3000 GSD-3000II GSD-3500 GSD-3500II GSD-4000 GSD-4000II
Drive method Servo single drive Servo dual drive Servo single drive Servo dual drive Servo single drive Servo dual drive
CNC system American Star SH-2200H
Server system Fuji
Deceleration system Shinpo
CNC cutting torch U.S. Seabed 1 or 2
Arc voltage height regulator China XPTHC
Plasma power American Seabed PMX series
PMX45 PMX65 PMX85 PMX1650 MAX200
Perforation thickness <6mm <10mm <10mm <12mm <25mm
Edge thickness <10mm <12mm <16mm <19mm <50mm
Cutting speed 0-6000mm/min
Idle speed <12000mm/min
Gauge 3000mm 3000mm 3500mm 3500mm 4000mm 4000mm
Cutting width <2100mm <2100mm <2600mm <2600mm <3100mm <3100mm
Standard rail length 12000mm, length can be selected according to usage requirements
Cutting length <Standard rail length-2000 (mm)
Cutting quality JB/T10045.4-1999 standard, German DIN2310 standard


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