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TQ44K series medium and heavy plate high-speed uncoiling and leveling line

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The production line adopts the form of drawing the plate head from the bottom of the steel coil. The basic construction of the production line is smaller, and the loading and guiding are more convenient. The loading car is configured to transport the steel coil to the middle of the uncoiler, and at the same time rotate the steel coil head toward the diagonal wedge stripper, and the leveling machine is exposed . The concavo-convex roller assembled at the entrance of the leveling machine can improve the longitudinal tortoise curve of the plate. It is used for uncoiling, leveling and slitting large thickness metal coils. Equipped with double-head trimming machine, the edge wire can be reeled to obtain high-quality four trimming.


The main technical parameters

Project Unit Selectable range
Processing board thickness mm 4-16、5-20、6-25、8-30
Standard board width mm 1500、2000、2200、2500、3000
Load bearing of decoiler t 20、30、45
Leveling accuracy mm/㎡ 1.5、2.0
Sizing accuracy mm ±1.0
Maximum line speed of unit m/min 6、10、15、18
Unit total power kw 160-420
Due to the continuous improvement of the product, the sample parameters are subject to change without notice!


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