Which type of router is better?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-22 15:27

Which type of router is better?

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2020-12-22 15:27

Many customers are confused by brands with a large price difference from low to high when purchasing a router. Many people are: the router is a simple linear motion, and it costs too much to buy it. It doesn't make any sense! A waste of money! But when you buy it back and use it, you will find that the problem is not as simple as you imagined, and it feels like a waste of money.

So how to optimize the router? Now let me share with you, learn and make progress together:

1. From the working principle: hydraulic type (hydraulic oil is required) and pneumatic type (no hydraulic oil is required)

2. Classification of slotting machine

1.1. Longmen style:




1.2. Vertical




Two, the advantages and disadvantages of gantry and vertical

2.1. Speed: Gantry type speed is slower than vertical type. Generally, the gantry type return speed of general manufacturers exceeds 50m/min, there will be "speeding" phenomenon. The vertical return speed of general manufacturers is 80-100m/min.

2.2. Accuracy: The accuracy of the gantry type is lower than that of the vertical type. The precision of the gantry type of the general manufacturer is 20-30 wires. Generally, the vertical precision of manufacturers is 5 wires or more. The depth of the planing groove is directly related to the effect of the angle. If the depth error reaches more than 5 wires, the bending position R is obviously different, resulting in a poor workpiece after bending.

2.3. Advantages of the processing technology: The work surface of the vertical groover generally uses 45# material. The work surface of the gantry planer is generally welded by ordinary iron plates. When processing materials harder than the work surface, it is easy to damage the work surface and appear like pits, which will cause spots on the processed product.

2.4. Safety: Vertical type has better safety than gantry type.

2.5. Price: Longmen type is cheaper than vertical type.

Three, from the control system classification: PLC control and CNC control

3.1. PLC control: slow speed, only program writing, not programming, and small processing range.

3.2. CNC controlled: The speed can be accelerated according to the customer's own requirements, and can be programmed arbitrarily. You can directly photograph the button to record the position when planing different lengths of boards, which is convenient for planing. Large processing range, flexible processing and high efficiency.

Fourth, the number of knives matched: 3 knives, 5 knives, and 6 knives.

General manufacturers use 3 knives as the standard quantity, and 5 knives and 6 knives are optional quantities. It is recommended that customers choose 5 knives and 6 knives by themselves. In fact, 5 knives and 6 knives are traditional crafts, and it is difficult to control 5 knives and 6 knives to plan straight at the same center. The more the number of knives, the more difficult it is to install the knives. When 5 knives and 6 knives cannot be aligned in the same straight line, the manufacturer can reasonably say that it is caused by the customer's level of knife adjustment, and the customer will give up installing 5 knives. Or 6 knives and choose 3 knives or 2 knives.

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